Time to Bring the Lost Home

Opening Message from Colonel Rodney Walters, Territorial Commander

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

We now come to the fourth of our series of 24/7 Bible Reading and Prayer Wave, and moving closer to Christmas, the theme that truly reflects the heart of God is; ‘time to bring home the lost!’

The whole purpose and intention behind the Christmas story is the heart-love of God for the salvation of the world.

The Law of Moses had been given, plus many other regulations to help people keep a pure relationship with God, sadly it didn’t succeed.

Jesus became incarnate (human) at the time we call Christmas, to pay the once and for all price of sin, so that lost men and women, boys and girls, could have a personal and life transforming relationship with Jesus. John 3: 16-17

This week of prayer and bible reflection will be specific in nature and purpose. We will consider those who are unsaved, those who have left the faith, those in turmoil and bitterness with life lost and no purpose for living.

The church, you and me, have a vital part to play in being God’s true representatives.

It is my hope and prayer that, because of the faithfulness of God’s people during these days, that there will be great rejoicing in heaven, many salvation birthdays celebrated on earth for those finding their true home in Jesus.

Will you commit now to be part of these days?

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