You are invited to read “Called to be a Soldier” with us

‘Our actions as Salvationists are determined by what we believe. So it follows that we should take time to study our own calling, to reflect upon these beliefs and consider the implications for how we live.’ – General Brian Peddle

Called to be a Soldier, which explores the Soldier’s Covenant, is a rich resource for those considering the commitment of soldiership, as well as being a helpful tool for those who already are to review and refresh their covenant.  What a great opportunity we have as a global Army to use this resource to explore and rediscover the calling of soldiership.

Beginning 01 May 2022, we invite Salvationists around the world to read Called to be a Soldier together. We will focus on one chapter of the book each week and will share thoughts, reflection questions and encourage discussion on the International Spiritual Life Development Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Month 1 Schedule
Month 2 Schedule
Month 3 Schedule
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